To buy or to upgrade…that is the question.

With today’s advances in technology, any size business can take advantage of numerous hardware options to keep employees productive and connected.

The average desktop PC has a functional life span of roughly two to five years. The length of the life span greatly depends upon the type of system purchased, advances in hardware components and changes in the software that is utilized. Over time, users tend to notice that their systems just aren’t as speedy as they once were. This is simply cause by lack of adequate space to store files or the current system does not meet the requirements for the latest version of software. When this occurs, users have the option of either upgrading or replacing their PCs.

To determine which path would be more beneficial for your company, it is best to look at a cost comparison of each route. MNS, Inc. can evaluate your current systems and provide you with the most cost efficient method to ensure productivity is never compromised.